If You Are On the Hunt for a Professional Property Photographer in Eugene, Oregon Coast Photos Can Bring The Beauty of Your Real Estate to Life on Print.

If you have been typing the term real estate photographer near me into your computer then you already know that homes sell significantly faster when they have clear and attractive photos available. I provide quality photographs of homes on the market in the Eugene area so my clients can easily showcase the best that the home has to offer. I work with owner-sellers, real estate agents, and large firms alike.

Oregon Coast Photos is your premier professional photographer in Eugene if you are looking to showcase your home in a way that will bring buyers to your door when they see them. Some tips I offer for preparing your home for a session with a professional property photographer include: First, (temporarily) remove very personal touches. Your child's creative artwork, your dog's favorite worn bed by the fireplace, and your mementos scattered upon the fridge and counters are all what makes your home your own and they are valuable in themselves but when it comes to professional home photography, you want the buyer to imagine their own items on a clean slate. Second, unless your window treatments are impressive consider removing them to allow the view and the natural light to be showcased to the max. The windows should be clean and the areas around them clutter-free. Third, consider the time of day. When you call for your session let me know if there is an area of the home that just glows in the morning sun or if the kitchen lights up with the sunset. Is your view off the front porch nice but then at the right moment breathtaking because of the way the light hits the landscape? Let me know so I can schedule your appointment in a time that takes advantage of the best your home has to offer.