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North Bend, Washington is a favorite place for my family to vacation. The area is beautifully surrounded by the majestic Mount Si. North Bend shares it's magic with Snoqualmie Falls just minutes away.

Twin Peaks was also filmed in the area. This is the cafe used in the show. These images are edited with Luminar sky replacement.

"Sdoh-Kuahl-Bu", people of the moon, were the Indians that roamed the Snoqualmie valley...

"The name, Snoqualmie, comes from the Indian word meaning moon. Actually it is the white man's softening of the Indian word for moon which was "Sdob-dwahib-bluh". 


A legend of the tribe, which lived in the shadow of Mt. Si, states - "S'Beow", the beaver, had first climbed up in the sky, brought the trees and the fire to earth, made the sun for daylight and created the Snoqualmie (moon) for night. Indian legend also states that the moon, known as Snoqualmie, was the king of the heavens. Snoqualm in pursuit of his enemy, S'beow, descended a rope which broke. Mt. Si is the result of the crash, resulting in a pile 4,190 feet high and that the human face seen at the summit is that of "Snoqualm".

     -page 1 from Evans, Jack R., North Bend-Snoqualmie Washington Little History, SCW Publications, 1990.